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Hi Steve,

It’s been just under a week now since I filed bankruptcy and I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it has been. I can honestly say that it hasn’t really sunk in until now when all of a sudden all that debt has just vanquished, into thin air.

I have been living with it for so long now that it had become a normal part if life. I guess that’s how they like you to be in the end – trapped.

I’d like to thank you (and Fred of course) for your assistance and for compiling the website with true and correct information.

There are a heck of lot of false truths and traps out there that only scheme to fleece more money out of distressed and vulnerable people who are at the end of their rope like I was.

I hope more people discover your site and attain peace of mind in the same way I have. The funny thing is that I discovered it around two years ago but thought it was either too good to be true or just didn’t want to face up to the mess I’d gotten myself into. I can attest that it isn’t a dream and it is very real.

Thank you.
Vicki, February 2014

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