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Hello Fred and Steve,

You have been a genuine lifesaver.

It is your guidance, experience and professional services that led me to unashamedly declare myself bankrupt. A lifesaver for my family, myself and my sanity.

For over 2 years, my sanity was declining and my stress was increasing as I was trying in earnest to ‘pay’ as much as was ever possible to a range of entities, yet the terms of ‘debt’ owed had severely collapsed any real ability to get on top of it all. Adding to the strain was then fractures in my marriage as we attempted to ‘keep it together’

Of course, the financial end became fully fractured and in full disrepair. My marriage was headed that way too.

That was until Appleton’s services were able to guide me through.

Thank you for your directness, yet empathetic approach that has now led me to being nearly a year into the protection of Bankruptcy and operating from a clean slate to ‘start over’

If any potential client of Appleton’s is thinking about “Should I do this with Appleton’s”… then let me say that the answer is an unequivocal “YES”

Not only “YES” but within weeks… it’ll naturally be a “PHEW… Thank Goodness”

Please feel free to refer any potential client who is “thinking about it” to me… as the life you have generously helped me to restore, has helped me to bring back not only a fresh start to my business and my life… you have helped me to bring back my family and most of all my love and sanity.

With enormous thanks to you and the team at Appleton’s and to the team at Nicholls and Co


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