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Dear Fred, Steve and Helen,

I have just received my email from AFSA granting my bankruptcy.

Many years ago (at age 52 yrs) I suffered a heart attack which required surgery (5 bypass)!

I was unable to work for 2 years and survived using credit cards, as I am a sole trader in a cash flow business over the next 17 yrs I kept working mainly because of having the ‘old school’ attitude of paying my debts.

I thought I had qualified for the pensioner bonus scheme and this money was always meant to be my final fall back.

Three weeks ago I reached the point of having to use this money, I applied to the government for payment.

As all governments are likely to do I was in formed I had applied too late as a cut off date was introduced in July 2014.

This left me with three options:

  • work until I dropped
  • forced bankruptcy
  • voluntary bankruptcy

I found the Fred Appleton website while surfing the net and got busy reading.

After reading this excellent site and cross checking the information (which was extremely accurate) I emailed Steve my details and had an immediate response.

Steve removed the many misconceptions I had about bankruptcy and for the first time in years I felt I had hope for a return to a life with no stress.

I then was passed on to Helen who took me through the documentation process.

Once the bankruptcy was in place there was one minor query about tools of trade.

I am pleased to say that the comment from AFSA was the documentation was of the highest quality and reflects the professional standards that Helen showed in her work.

In summary:

The time from despair to stress free life ?

Three weeks.

Yes, there are some restrictions when bankrupt but none of them are onerous or relevant for me anyway.

At 69 yrs old not having a good credit rating for 5 years is not a issue, at least now I have a great chance of passing 75 years!

Everyone must make their own decision on bankruptcy but thanks to Fred, Steve and Helen I discovered that going down this road is just a consequence of life not a reflection on a person’s character.

I make no apologies for the length of this review as there are not enough words for how my life has changed because I found the Fred Appleton ‘website.

Finally three things I have done since becoming bankrupt:

  • I filled the tank of my car for the first time in 8yrs
  • I went shopping with no budget in mind , buying what I wanted regardless of cost
  • Smashed 6 shots off my golf handicap ?

With grateful thanks,

Gary, WA

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