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I cried tears of joy today when I received the bankruptcy confirmation from AFSA in my mail.

You probably know exactly how I feel, but after receiving calls from one of my unsecured creditors today requesting payment (have received calls last week which I did not answer) I was beginning to get worried that something had gone wrong. To then go to my post box and see the letter from AFSA was such a relief and I could actually feel the weight of my debts lifting off me.

I have been afraid to answer the phone in recent weeks (unless caller known) as I did not wish to speak to my creditors but answered today without checking and was left shaking and feeling sick afterwards as they were demanding payment. As I have now received my letter, I am confident they should also receive notification shortly so that these calls can now stop. In any case I am now able to just advise them of bankruptcy and hang up.

I am eternally thankful that I found your website and that you and the lovely Helen helped me so quickly and easily to take this step.

And so I am bankrupt – but then so are a lot of people and I now know that the stigma once attached to this is no longer there.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was drowning in my debts and the stress and depression I was suffering was affecting me greatly. To be able to now go on without these debts hanging around my neck is truly a wonderful feeling and I am sure I will now be able to sleep better, enjoy life and not dread hearing the phone ring. Once again thanks to you, Helen and anyone else in your office involved for the assistance you have given me.

Should I have anyone who needs this assistance in the future, I will have no hesitation giving them the details of your website.

Kind Regards
Shirlee, 2015

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