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Dear Fred and Steve,

like many other Aussies who are encouraged to “give it a go”, I did, and enjoyed success until the business hit the wall… I had failed not only the business and my family, but myself. Like being alone on a wild sea in a thunderstorm there were few options other than that toxic word “Bankruptcy”, which I now realise was invented to terrorise us.

It took a very short time for Fred and Steve Appleton to put matters into perspective. They listened and commented with absolute sincerity and compassion, provided practical solutions and suggested I contact an efficient, but not officious, trustee, from whom I have just received my official “discharge” of bankruptcy. I feel healthier, happier and now have my priorities in order: my family, health and finances are settled.

The Appletons were, indeed, my lifeboat, so my recommendation is to follow the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu who wrote that ….”a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”…the Appletons are, in my experience, that first step.

Brian J, Victoria, May, 2015

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