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I understand that overwhelming financial pressure can cause a great deal of distress.

And I know that considering bankruptcy raises lots of questions. I’ve stood in your shoes.

Steve, Helen and I have helped thousands of people over the years and the first step in dealing with your problem debt is to call us for a chat on 1300 794 492 or send an email to

Most times we are able to return calls within an hour or two.

If you call in the later part of the afternoon then most times you will get a call back the following morning.

If you email please provide a contact phone number at the end of your email as we prioritize emails where we can see a contact phone number has been provided.

If following a chat you wish to apply for bankruptcy, we can prepare all of the paperwork for your bankruptcy no matter where you are in Australia.

Be assured we won’t place you under any pressure to proceed.

Re-read the success stories on the website if you are still unsure.

You might be tempted to think that one or two of them might even seem a bit ‘too good to be true’, they are however all genuine.

In fact, they are just a sample of the many, many testimonial emails received over the years from people who have used our service.

Our Fees

The aim of our service is to take the stress out of putting your bankruptcy application in place.

It takes us just a few days to prepare all the necessary statutory paperwork for you to sign.

The statutory paperwork is completed by Helen Millward, a Chartered Accountant of about 30 years standing.

Back in the 1980’s Helen and I were partners in our Chartered Accounting firm, Appleton Millward & Co, so Helen and I go back a long, long way.

Helen has specialised in preparing our clients bankruptcy paperwork for about the last 15 years.

You can be assured that all your declarations will have been prepared in accordance with the law based on the information you provide us.

Our standard fees are noted below.

For an individual with no business structures, our fee is $990, generally payable in two installments.

For a husband and wife, or couple, the cost for the two jobs will be $1,650 in total, again generally paid in two instalments.

You pay the first instalment when you return your completed questionnaires to Helen.

If there are extra schedules, for example for a company, a partnership, sole trader or trust then there is an extra fee of $110 per entity.

Not many jobs incur this extra fee, and if they do I rarely see where there were more than one or two extra pages involved.

If you require us to print and post the completed job to you this service adds an extra $55 to your bill.

We don’t accept credit card payments for our service and never have done as we think it would be illegal to do so and so could cause trouble for both of us.

If you prefer to pay our fee in a number of instalments then that is generally fine, talk to us about that when you call and it is likely we will be able arrange something that works for both of us.

So when you are ready, give us a call on 1300 794 492 or send an email to

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