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Lara is in her 30’s and emailed Fred Appleton’s office in May 2016 explaining she has personal loan and credit card debt with two banks of approximately $35,000.

Lara explained in her email that her husband had been injured a while back and as a consequence had not been able to work, therefore they were struggling to make ends meet on her monthly salary of around $3,500 per month (after tax).

In fact Lara has started to miss payments and of course she had started to receive phone calls, threatening letters and default statements.

She explained in her email she had become very stressed and she feared her job and marriage may be at risk.

Lara had been researching on the internet how the various insolvency options worked for a while and made contact.

Steve Appleton and Lara had a chat over the phone the same day that Lara emailed.

Steve explained that if she went into bankruptcy to resolve the debt crisis than her employer would not be involved as the Trustee would deal with Lara’s creditors.

Steve also let Lara know that if she wanted to keep her car then that in any normal circumstance that would be fine as long as she maintained payments as normal.

Lara requested and received the Fred Appleton bankruptcy questionnaires the same day.

She completed the questionnaires later that week and returned them via email as instructed.

Lara’s bankruptcy documents were prepared to a professional standard by Helen Millward within a few days and were ready for her signature.

Lara signed and dated her bankruptcy documents and posted them to the Commonwealth Government’s personal insolvency office (AFSA) who processed her documents promptly.

Like most clients Lara was surprised and relieved that she simply had to sign and post the documents that been prepared on her behalf.

Lara’s bankruptcy was accepted and in place within about a fortnight of her original email and the phone calls and threatening letters she had been receiving stopped within a few days and have never returned.

Here is what Lara said in a ‘thank you‘ email to Fred in July 2016, which was about a month after her bankruptcy application was accepted.

Dear Fred,

I am writing to thank you very much for assisting me with my bankruptcy. I had read your website thoroughly a few times before I contacted you.

You are an extremely professional company and the paperwork was done professionally. It was a relief to have the documents completed for me.

Speaking to Steve really assured me that I was doing the right thing. The paperwork was sent to me quickly and I appreciate your help with it. I also appreciate that you did not try to talk me into getting a Debt Agreement.

Now I can smile again. The stress headaches are gone.

I don’t think about money all the time now or worry about not being able to pay my bills. I no longer need to make the minimum credit card payments, so that I can then use that amount paid on the cards to get food or petrol. I don’t need to constantly rely on family members to give me money for food.

The kitchen pantry is being restocked, it is nice to open the door and see food in there.  As long as I have enough money for food, I don’t care about having a bad credit rating.

Another bonus is those pesky letters from banks with applications for credit cards have stopped. I now only get mail that I need.

I feel like I am now in control of my finances again. I can pay my bills and have enough money for food & petrol. I no longer need to make excuses for not being able to attend friends birthday dinners, I can now afford a birthday card and small gift.

I have been able to keep my car and continue to make payments for it.

For me the bankruptcy is a new start.

I am much more relaxed now and can enjoy life. I don’t dread getting an invite to a birthday party anymore. Now that I am free of my financial burdens I can see how much stress it was causing in my life and how distant I had become from family & friends.

Thank you again for your assistance with my bankruptcy. Your advice and reassurance was comforting. You have really helped me to start my financial life again.

Keep up the great work, there should be more people like you to help people like myself find hope when it seems all hope is lost.

Kind regards


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